Swedish Climate Strategy

The Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency have jointly delivered a basis for the first evaluation of the Swedish Climate Strategy, checkpoint 2004. The most important results from the different tasks that where included in the assignment are presented in this summing-up report. ;All together the judgement is that Sweden will achieve our commitment according to the Kyoto Protocol and the internal burden-sharing agreement within the EU. However, further policies and measures are needed to achieve our national target. In the report the EU Emissions trading scheme has been an important factor in our work and our conclusions. One of the proposals is that the present Swedish national interim target is replaced by a new structure. With this new structure measures are accomplished not only within Sweden but also jointly within the EU and the need for national measures is reduced within the short time-perspective. The report do however propose some measures to be justified in the present situation as there is an extensive need for measures in the long term. Behind the year 2010 the emissions are judged to increase in Sweden.

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