The Swedish Energy Market 2005

The Swedish Energy Market, 2005 is an annual publication that presents information and statistics on the piped and wired energy markets in Sweden, i.e. the markets for electricity, natural gas and district heating. It also provides a general picture of matters of concern to the energy market that have arisen during the second half of 2004 and the first half of 2005. This years theme chapter is devoted to Storm Gudrun, which struck the south of the country at the beginning of January, and its effects on electricity supply throughout the country. The chapter also includes a summary of the Energy Markets Inspectorate’s proposals for measures to improve the security of electricity transmission, who were submitted to the Government in april of 2005. Considerable work is being carried out in the EU on creating a single market for electricity and natural gas. This publication therefore describes expansion of the Swedish market towards a Nordic and a European market.

This publication was published more than three years ago. Knowledge may have changed over time, please view our newer publications.

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