Storm Gudrun

How can we become better at dealing with natural catastrophes? When storm Gudrun struck a large area of southern Sweden on 8th January;2005, it put the functions of society and the Swedish electricity distribution;system to a severe test. The work of restoring electricity supplies started immediately. Nevertheless,;some electricity customers in sparsely populated areas were without;power for up to six weeks. The storm blew down large parts of the overhead line distribution system,;leaving 730 000 customers without power. The long periods without;power showed just how vulnerable society is to more serious disturbances. A;particular problem, which exacerbated others, was that telecommunications;stopped working. Much has been learnt by the providers of various services in society, by;companies and by individuals. This publication describes what happened,;what the effects were and what those working in the energy sector have learnt;from the most serious natural disaster to strike Sweden in recent times.

This publication was published more than three years ago. Knowledge may have changed over time, please view our newer publications.

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