Storm Per

Lessons for a more secure energy supply after the second severe storm in the 21st century

Knowledge from the handling of the consequences of the storms ”Gudrun” and “Per” must not be wasted Within a two year period southern Sweden has been hit by severe storms that have overthrown huge volumes of forest and caused many power cuts.;The storm named “Gudrun” in 2005 was a great test for those who had to handle the restoration work. The lessons learned from that storm contributed to the fact that the work after the storm “Per” was quicker and more effective in the areas that were affected previously. ;This report summarizes the most important lessons from the hand­ling of the storms. The main aim is to spread the knowledge to new officials and people in other areas than those concerned in the winter storms of 2005 and 2007.

This publication was published more than three years ago. Knowledge may have changed over time, please view our newer publications.

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