Programme for Improving Energy Efficiency

Experiences and results after five years with PFE

This brochure gives you a presentation of the first, successful, period of the PFE. You will receive more information about the constituent programme components, such as the energy review, the EnMS and the procedures for purchasing and planning activities. The publication also includes short interviews with some of the companies participating in the programme. The interviews describe how and why companies have been so successful in their streamlining efforts. See also PFE’s success formula summarised in points. Finally, we present the excellent results achieved so far by the companies together. The publication is aimed primarily at those who form a part of the energyintensive manufacturing industries in Sweden, whether your company participates in PFE or not. It is addressed primarily to managers and those who are responsible for energy issues, but many other individuals will also be influenced by it and hopefully other industries will also be inspired. More information about the PFE is available at:

This publication was published more than three years ago. Knowledge may have changed over time, please view our newer publications.

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