Energy in Sweden 2011

The annual report, Energy in Sweden, aims to provide decision makers, journalists, the business sector, educators and the public with accessible, one-stop shop information on developments in the energy sector. Energy in Sweden provides an overview of the current energy and climate policy, policy instruments, the supply and use of energy, energy prices and energy markets, a secure energy supply, an international survey and the energy system's impact on the environment. The tabular data behind most of the figures in Energy in Sweden are presented in the publication on the Energy Agency website, Energy in Sweden - Facts and Figures 2011. This year's publication has been expanded to include two new sections. Markets for biobased motor fuels are described in Chapter 5 and the statistics used in the publication are described and explained in Chapter 9. Current events and decisions reported in this publication relate primarily to the period from June 2010 to June 2011. In terms of the statistics on which this publication is based, the bulk of the data is based on official statistics up to and including 2010.

This publication was published more than three years ago. Knowledge may have changed over time, please view our newer publications.

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